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What is the difference between Permanent Patron accounts and Guest Patron requesting?

[Patron-Initiated Interlibrary Loans] Within the SHAREit software, patrons can create requests using the temporary Guest patron-initiated requesting feature or via permanent Patron accounts. More information on Patron-initiated interlibrary loan requesting here:

Within the Illume system all libraries currently use the temporary guest patron requesting feature. The Illume Support centre is looking for libraries interested in becoming early adopters of permanent patron accounts starting summer 2022 and in 2023 with SIP2/NCIP.

Libraries can offer both guest patron AND permanent patron requesting simultaneously side-by-side. Or if a library decides to swap to all permanent patron accounts they can submit a spreadsheet of accounts to be created en masse to the vendor Auto-Graphics (if desired) or continued to create accounts manually on-site. If early adopters discover that permanent patron accounts don't fit their workflow, they can also return to using just guest patron requesting at any time.

Interested in being an early adopter? Contact us to discuss!

Temporary Guest Patron Requesting Features

Guest patrons can search & initiate requests without logging in first to the Illume (SHAREit) software. After locating a desired item, a guest patron can just click the "hand" icon or the "Request this Item" button to create a request. Their personal information (Lastname, Firstname, email etc) must be entered every time they create a request!

Guest patron features include:

  • The ability to track currently submitted requests via the "Guest ILL Tracking" button
    • This button looks-up every request created with the same Lastname, Firstname and the PIN/Password they entered when creating their request(s).
    • This can result in patrons being unable to locate a request if they had a typo in the PIN/Password entered during request creation or can't remember the PIN/Password or exact personal contact information used.
    • For example, if a guest patron created 3 requests with different personal information (slightly different Name or PIN/Passwords) -- they would need to track each request separately.
    • More information on the guest patron tracking option here:
  • Patron information (eg. Name and Library Barcode) is only temporarily attached to each separate request submitted. When the request is deleted (eg. manually or at automatically by the system after Completion) the patron information for that request is no longer available to Staff and Patrons can no longer see the History.
  • Patrons cannot otherwise login or change their patron information or passwords/PINs since they don't have a permanent account attached to all their requests. 
  • Libraries can implement Guest ILL Request limits. More information on how Guest ILL Request limits patron requesting here:
  • Libraries can implement Patron Email Notices for guest patrons.
  • Libraries can implement a Borrowing Policy to restrict the formats Guest patrons (eg. Books only) are allowed to request.
  • Guest patrons can't save lists of items to request later or customise their search options.
  • Guest patrons can't set a default branch pickup location.
  • Staff created requests on behalf of a patron cannot be tracked by guest patrons.

Permanent Patron Account Requesting Features

Permanent patrons can search as a guest but will need to login to their account to initiate requests in the Illume (SHAREit) software. After logging in a permanent patron just clicks the "hand" icon or the "Request this Item" button to create a request. Their personal information (Lastname, Firstname, email etc) is saved and pre-filled in every form when they create a request!

  • Permanent patron accounts login from the "Hello, Guest Please Login" link (same as Staff) where they can track all their requests and update their contact information (eg. Name, Email and PIN/Password) without impacting current requests.
  • When a patron creates a request their patron data is already pre-filled in the form including the ability to set a "Default Pickup Location" such as their home branch.
  • Permanent patrons can update the Pickup Location listed on a request within their Items From Other Libraries section of their account if a request has not yet Shipped.
  • Patron information is retained longer on our secure Canadian servers even if a request is deleted. Staff can use the Staff Dashboard > Statistics > ILL Statistics > Activity and Request Reports > Request Records (Excel only) report to find a patron's previous requests if necessary. We recommend libraries consult with their Privacy Officers about patron data retention if interested in implementing permanent patron requesting.
  • Staff can update a PIN/Password for a Patron's account in the case of a forgotten password.
  • Staff can also create requests on behalf of a permanent patron -- while still allowing that patron to track their own request! When creating a request, Staff can use the "Patron Lookup" button to attach a permanent patron account to that request and also auto-fill all the patron's personal info (eg. Lastname, Email & Library Card #). Patrons can then track their Staff created requests as usual after logging in.
  • Staff "pre-verfify" that a Patron is allowed to submit ILLs during account creation. Patrons can contact Staff via email or in-person to request a permanent patron account (depending on local library workflow).
    • There is no automatic communication between the Illume SHAREit software and a library's ILS (eg. Horizon).
    • Automatic authentication is only available with the NCIP/SIP2 feature in SHAREit and is currently cost prohibitive for our consortia.
    • We recommend that Staff occasionally manually verify if a permanent patron is still eligible (eg. no fines) for interlibrary loan requests according to local library guidelines.
  • Libraries can implement Patron ILL Request limits including by patron group. For example libraries can allow permanent patrons to request more items than guest patrons if desired. They can also set limits by type of account (eg. adult or teen).
  • Libraries can implement Patron Email Notices for permanent patrons.
  • Libraries can implement a Borrowing Policy to restrict the formats permanent patrons are allowed to request. If desired, libraries can allow permanent patrons to request formats (eg. DVDs) that guest patrons cannot request.
  • Permanent patrons can save lists of items to request later and customise their search options.
  • Permanent patrons can set a default branch pickup location.
  • Staff can create requests on behalf of a patron which can then be tracked directly by that patron!

Have additional questions about permanent versus guest patron requesting or wish to become an early adopter? Please contact us!