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Borrowing Policy Set-up Guide

Our libraries requested the ability to hide the "Request this Item" button on records based on Material Format and Auto-Graphics has now added this feature to SHAREit V6 in November 2019!

Similar to the Lending Policy, which deflects lender requests received for formats you don't loan (eg. Blu-ray), the Borrowing Policy allows you to block Guest Patrons and even Staff from requesting to borrow materials such as DVDs also.This saves ILL Staff time as they no longer have to cancel requests for items their patrons or reference staff aren't allowed to borrow or communicate cancellations.

When determining whether or not to display the Request button, SHAREit looks in two places in the Participant Record: first at the “Show Request This Button” setting (Staff, Patrons, & Guests) then at the Borrowing Policy settings.

Locate the Borrowing Policy:

When logged in as Administrator, the Borrowing Policy is available under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record. Click the "Borrowing" button to customise your options.

All formats are allowable by default but the "Request this Item" button will not display for Guest Patrons unless you have checked-off the Show Request This Button option for them in your Participant Record. Please let us know if you encounter any issues or formats which are not configurable.

Configure the Borrowing Policy:

We recommend consulting your local ILL Borrowing Policy and ILL Staff first before configuring your system policy. If you accidentally hide the request button for a material type your guest patrons can borrow - you can always update your Borrowing policy later to allow it!

If your library ILL policy only allows for patrons to request "Books" select "N" from the drop-down next to every format except "Book" and "Large Print" for Guest & Patrons.

  • Article or Book Chapter Non-returnable (Copy) Requests: If your patrons are allowed to request Copies of journal articles or book chapters, we recommend you allow the request button on additional formats such as Periodical, Serial, eSerial, eBook, Microform and more.
  • Staff Recommendations: We recommend leaving all items under "Staff" marked as "Y". But this is a local library decision and you can hide the request button on logged in Staff material formats too.
  • Save: Don't forget to click the "Save" button to submit your changes and make your Borrowing policy live!

  • Please Note: The "Request this Item" button will not display for Guest Patrons unless you have checked-off the Show Request This Button option for them in your Participant Record.
  • Tip: Currently all libraries use guest patron requesting, but we recommend configuring both the "Guest" and "Patrons" dropdowns the same in preparation for permanent patron accounts via NCIP in the future.
  • Tip: Use the new "Print" button to print your current settings for reference or consultation!
  • Tip: Formats are now organised alphabetically by request of multiple BCUC members. For information on how SHAREit determines formats based on the MARC record please consult their chart available here:

Check the Guest Patron View:

Once you've updated your Borrowing policy, you can double-check that the "Request this Item" button is hidden for guest patrons by logging out and searching for items with your desired format. Use the left-hand filters to select only records for your desired material format. Example below of a hidden request button on the material format "Audiobook CD".

Please Note: The Borrowing policy does not allow libraries to block requests based on the publication date of an item - just the material format. We will continue to request that publication date also be a blockable option and in the meantime we recommend libraries activate Live Shelf Status to deflect lender requests for unavailable (eg. new Checked Out) items instead.

FIXED January 29th, 2020: Auto-Graphics has resolved issues/bugs where certain formats, such as eBook and eSerial, may be set to "Y" for guest patrons but the request button is still not visible. Please contact us if you encounter any additional bugs with this new feature.

January 19th, 2021: The obsolete format “eMagazine” has been removed. 

Have any questions or would like some assistance update your Borrowing Policy? Contact us!