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Rebuild Lender List Feature

Over the past few years, multiple Illume libraries have requested the ability to quickly & easily rebuild or "refresh" the current Lender List field created automatically by the ERTI smart-build. The Illume Support Centre has continued to submit this new feature enhancement and in 2022 this was one of the top-voted new enhancements by all Auto-Graphics SHAREit customers!

As of December 1st 2022, ILL Staff will be able to use the new "Rebuild Lender List" button on staff or patron-created borrower requests found in the Awaiting Approval, Cancelled, Expired, Retry and Unfilled categories. important Note: The "Rebuild Lender List" button is only available on requests created from December 1st, 2022 onwards.

When should Staff Refresh or Rebuild the Lender List field?

Unlike ILL Review, this new feature allows Staff to use the existing bibliographic record attached to the request and just quickly generate a new automatic lender list build. It is recommended ILL Staff rebuild or refresh the lender list build for a variety of reasons including:

  • If the request has remained in Awaiting Approval for a few weeks the Lender List build may be out-dated, especially for popular or newer materials. Refresh your Lender List build to update with any new lenders recently added.
  • If the request has gone to Cancelled or Expired the lender list may be months out-dated and may benefit from a refresh of the Lender List build to update with removed lenders that have deleted their holdings.
  • If the request has gone to Retry or Unfilled, after multiple attempts with the previously available lenders, refreshing with all the lender codes will bring back in libraries that may have responded with "Will not Supply" and "Omit Reason [Unfilled]". Lender codes are automatically removed from Retry or Unfilled requests when libraries accidentally respond with a terminal "Unfilled" or no reason even though the item may just have been checked-out and is now available.
  • If you recently updated your Search Resources/Targets you may want to also use the "Rebuild Lender List" button on selected requests. For example, if your public library recently added the live Z39.50 target for the full participating member library the University of Northern British Columbia. Updating requests for academic materials with few lender codes listed may refresh to include new lenders available from your updated targets.
  • Requests may also benefit from a Lender List build refresh if the Preferred or System-wide Lender Lists that manage load-leveling within the SHAREit software have been recently updated by the support centre. The Illume Support Centre will notify libraries via the listservs whenever the load-leveling is updated!

Tip: If Staff would like to update or add a Record to a request (eg. requests created from the Blank Request form) and Rebuild the lender list field they should continue to use the ILL Review feature instead. The "Rebuild Lender List" option is not available on requests created from Blank Request forms as the software needs a record attached before it can locate appropriate holdings.

How-to Use the Rebuild Lender List Feature?

  1. Logged in ILL Staff can locate their desired request as usual using their Request Manager, borrower Title Browse, or borrower Request Number Search options within Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin. Only requests not currently attached to a lender within the borrower Awaiting Approval, Cancelled, Expired, Retry and Unfilled categories have the "Rebuild Lender List" button available.

    Please note, as of December 1st, the "Rebuild Lender List" button is not yet displaying for all applicable requests. Auto-Graphics is investigating the issue and we'll update with more information as soon as it's available!
  2. Within the Full Details of a request, staff can locate the "Lender List" field and click the "Rebuild Lender List" button next to it to start the automatic ERTI smart-build lender code refresh.
    Rebuild Lender List Button
  3. After clicking the button, Staff will be asked to confirm via a pop-up that they wish to rebuild the automatic lender list or have the option to return to the request without making any changes.
    Rebuild Lenders Pop-up Confirm

    Please Note: If the Need-by or Expiry Date of the request has passed staff will be alerted to update the date before rebuilding the request. If the request is expiring within 30 days, staff will also be alerted but if desired can proceed without entering a new date.
  4. After confirmation, the software will send the request to "Awaiting Lenders" to perform the ERTI smart-build same as it does for newly created requests. Within a few minutes, SHAREit should then move the request to "Awaiting Approval" for staff to "Approved - Send" as usual. Or to "Pending" if the Automatic Approval ILL Permission is activated on your staff account.

    Please Note: Staff should not update requests while they are located within the Awaiting Lenders category unless it gets "stuck" for 10 minutes or longer. Please contact us for assistance if this occurs!
  5. Want to double-check your Lender List rebuild was successful? Check-out the History Information section within your request Full Details for the message "Rebuild Lender List" which indicates the ERTI Smart-build was re-done.
    Rebuild Lenders History Information Confirmation

    Tip: Your Lender List field may not change or update significantly if the holdings for the item have not recently been updated or the record selected has algorithm issues with the ERTI Smart-build. Sometimes the record initially selected when the request was created (by Staff or Patron) fails to pull in all available lenders and attaching a different record using ILL Review may pull in more lenders instead!

Questions, issues or feedback on using the new Rebuild Lender List feature? Please contact us for additional assistance!