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V6 Migration Known Bugs or Issues

August 18, 2020

This page includes ongoing Known Issues/Bugs and Enhancement Requests for the SHAREit Version 6 (V6) software. If you are still encountering problems for one of the issues marked as Fixed Issues/Bugs below - please let us know!

Known Issues/Bugs:

  • Staff Requests for Serials/Periodicals may Default to Returnable Loan Forms: Staff at some libraries have reported an issue with requests created from Serial/Periodical records incorrectly defaulting to the "Returnable (loan)" form rather than the "Non-returnable (copy)" form to start. Until the issue is resolved, we recommend that Staff manually switch to the correct form type "Non-returnable (copy)" tab before creating any Article requests. Please let us know if your site also receives reports of patrons experiencing this problem as far they appear to be working correctly. Auto-Graphics is working on the bug and we hope they'll have it resolved soon! 
  • Patron Mandatory Pickup Locations: The new feature for patron mandatory pickup locations is not currently working as expected. Patrons can still submit requests without being forced to select from the Pickup Location drop-down same as before the update. Auto-Graphics is working on a fix and we'll send out a further update when we have more information! 
  • Awaiting Approval printing "New Requests" batches above 50: Libraries trying to print "New Requests" in their Request Manager > Borrower "Awaiting Approval" section have reported failures of the system to display all new requests since the last time they printed, if they have more than 50 requests in Awaiting Approval. Auto-Graphics is working on a fix for this issue and has a temporary work-around. Please contact us for the work-around steps and assistance!
  • Availability Display in Merged or Clustered Results: In merged or clustered search results, when staff or patrons click on a result to get the expanded individual listings, those listings will say 0 availability or 1000 copies available. These are both only display issues not impacting lender lists and are both being fixed by Auto-Graphics in the next software update. Please contact us for assistance in the meantime, if you would like to hide Availability display information.
  • Copy Disclaimer Notice: Logged in Staff are currently seeing the Copyright Disclaimer notice when creating Non-returnable (Copy) requests. This notice previously only displayed to Guests/Patrons. Auto-Graphics has investigated and is creating a new feature (Development Ticket #62996) to allow libraries to indicate if they want the Copyright disclaimer notice to display to Staff or not. We will update this page when we have more information on when this feature will be available!
  • Request & Submit Button Issues: The “Submit” button does not display on the request form when using Safari Mojave and the "hand" request icon is not currently working on all Brief Record Displays for Guests. Auto-Graphics is working on fixes for these issues and expects to have them resolved in our next software update beginning of April; please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • Scoping & Labelling: Currently the Scoping & Labelling feature of the software may not display categories corrrectly. This is a display issue only and we hope it will be resolved in the future. Auto-Graphics is exploring a fix for this issue.

Please let us know if you encounter any additional bugs or issues with the new software or have any questions! 

Enhancement Requests:

  • *Added June 1st 2021* ERTI Smart-builds: As of June 1st, the ERTI smart-build lender list build process will include 008/23 (MARC 008, position 23) for better matching on certain formats to help resolve problems with requests for print materials including lender codes for eBook formats. Please contact us if your requests (including request #) continue to include lender codes for incorrect formats.
  • *Enhancement Added April 21st, 2021* Your Lists: When in Your Lists, users will now be able to rename a list by clicking the “Edit” icon or the list name. If a list already exists with that name, you’ll see an error message stating that a duplicate name already exists, and you should use a different name.
  • *Enhancement Added April 21st, 2021* Control Keys for Quick Links: Staff users will once again be able to use the keyboard to access items in their Quick Links menu! For example, press Ctrl+1 (or the number next to that item in your Quick Links menu), to access your Request Manager from your Staff Dashboard. CTRL+L can also be used to open the last accessed staff page from any other page.
  • *Enhancement Added April 21st, 2021* Search Results: If a search term is misspelled but can be auto-corrected to a valid term, the results for the valid term will be displayed as “Showing results for [term]” rather than the zero results (no results found) message. Additionally, result numbers have been updated to display both the number of search results on that page as well as the total search results. For example when searching for "harry potter", results will display as "Page 3: Showing 1067 of 1590 results for "harry potter"" and hovering over the hyperlinked total search results also displays the Search Resources/Targets (eg. BC Union Catalogue) where results were found.
  • *Enhancement Added April 21st, 2021* Search Results Display: Search results will now include format icons (eg. Large Print or DVD) in the List view, Brief Browse view, and the Full Record display. Please check-out our updated guide for examples. These icons will not display in Gallery view. 
  • *Enhancement Added 2021* Patron-initiated Interlibrary Requesting: Auto-Graphics made recent requested enhancements to PI-ILLs that were included in our last version update but not highlighted by the vendor. This includes the highly requested feature that Cancelled & Expired requests no longer count against Guest Request Limits! Additionally, the "For Patron: Why Request was not Filled " message now displays for patrons on the Patron Tracking screen.
  • *Enhancement Approved for 2021* Desktop Delivery Improvements: Currently ILL Staff can't tell if a an attached document (eg. a PDF article) was viewed. BCUC members requested an indicator of whether or not an article had been viewed and how many times. This enhancement is expected in Spring/Sumer 2021.
  • *Enhancement Approved for 2021* Undo Shipped and other statuses: Currently the "Undo Shipped" feature is limited in time and scope. BCUC members requested additional undo status options and increased time to apply the feature when fixing errors. This enhancement is expected by end of 2021.
  • Availability on Brief Record Displays and List View: A new UX Admin option is available for availability status (off by default) on the "List" search results view and Brief Record display. The Availability option is currently currently undergoing testing for bugs/issues as it's not currently working as expected. We will announce to listservs and update our FAQ and Search Groupings & Results Views guide with further information when this feature is fully available.
  • *Enhancement Approved for 2021* Undo Shipped Status: The "Undo Shipped" status update option appears missing from Lender > Shipped requests even when the permission has been added to the current accountAuto-Graphics has investigated the issue and found that the feature is working as intended. The Undo Shipped feature is only available on requests until midnight process of the same day the item was Shipped. We requested an Enhancment to improve this feature and it has been approved and expected to launch 2021.
  • *NEW FEATURE May 27th, 2020* Patron Request Form "Request Type Options": Currently patrons cannot swap from the Returnable (loan) form to the Non-returnable (copy) form while on a union database record (eg. a Book record). Patrons can only swap while using the Blank Request form. Auto-Graphics has added the option to configure your forms so patrons can swap between Loan & Copy request type options. Check-out our new guide for more iinformation:
  • *NEW FEATURE & FIXED May 27th, 2020* Multi-Copy Requests from Blank Forms: The Blank ILL form is currently not displaying the “Number of Copies Needed” field so staff cannot initiate multi-copy requests when using the Blank ILL form. Auto-Graphics has fixed this issue and also added a new setting to configure default number of copies for both your Blank & Multi Copy forms.
  • *ENHANCEMENT November 5th, 2019* Batch Status Update: This software update includes one of our Enhancement requests to be able to batch update the status of requests. If your library has requests long languishing in "Returned" status please contact us for assistance updating them to Complete.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with new features or enhancements or would like to request additional enhancements/improvements! 

Fixed Issues/Bugs:

  • *FIXED August 13th 2021* Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107 Issue with Continuation/Confirmation Pop-ups/Buttons: As a result of Chrome Version 92.0.4515.107 not just Auto-Graphics but all users of Chrome have been impacted by a change in the browser. The Chrome upgrade is preventing the continuation dialog box from displaying. For example when clicking Submit on your Participant Record, the “Are you sure you want to make changes?” button does not pop-up to click “OK” and confirm. You can login to SHAREit via another browser, such as Firefox or MS Edge, and access the software that way instead. Or if your Chrome Version was updated and you wish to continue using Chrome please contact us for another work-around that requires access to the RUN dialog box on your computer (by pressing [WIndowsKey + R ]). Auto-Graphics has developed a permanent solution for this issue that will be applied in our next software update. In the meantime please use Firefox or MS Edge as a work-around or contact us for assistance.
  • *Partially Fixed June 16th 2021* Searching single Z-Targets: Some libraries have reported issues when searching single Z-targets only instead. Searching just one Z-target (for example "University of Victoria") may result in the search getting "stuck" or returning no results immediately. In the meantime, to see results for your desired Z-target, check-off multiple Z39.50 resources and click on the "Libraries" filter on the left-hand side of your search results to then select to display the linked results for just that one target only. Please contact us if you'd like assistance. Auto-Graphics has applied a fix that appears to have resolved the issue for some targets. Searching some single targets continues to return zero results even though the Z-target is working. Please continue to check-off multiple Z-targets when searching and Filter by Librarie where necessary. Auto-Graphics is continuing to work on resolving the issue that appears related to Z39.50 server time-outs.
  • *FIXED June 16th 2021* Downloading Multiple MARC Records: Currently when downloading MARC records from SHAREit, the single record "Download Record" option still appears to work but the multiple record download as a file option is not working at the moment. Records can be added to your cart using the "Add to Download Cart" option but when viewing the cart under your Staff Dashboard > Cat Admin > View Download Cart the records recently added say "Unknown" and are blank when you try to download. Unfortunately Auto-Graphics was not able to restore records recently added to your Download Card that display as "Unknown" as their system was not able to identify what the original record was. Cataloguing Staff will need to delete all records marked as "Unknown" (check-off and use "Remove Selected") from their and re-add the correct records. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues with this feature!
  • *FIXED June 16th 2021* Printing Pick Lists: When printing a Pick List, the first page was blank (except for header information) and successive pages resulted in errors when the “Go To Record” option (1-25, 26-50, etc.) was changed. Auto-Graphics resolved this issue in our recent software update. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any problems with pick lists.
  • *FIXED June 1st 2021* Multi-Copy Bugs: Sometimes lenders from one multi-copy request would be added to the following multi copy request if staff clicked the “stop” lender list build button on the first request. This will be corrected in the June 1st update.
  • *FIXED June 1st 2021* ​Z-Target Mapping: The Live Shelf Status mapping configuration for “Unmapped Source Locations will use” was not correctly displaying unmapped locations and raw location data from an ILS was displaying as the location rather than the specified Library Resource Sharing Name. The search API will be fixed June 1st so the correct label will now display. Please contact us if you'd like your Live Shelf Status Z39.50 mapping updated!
  • *FIXED June 2nd 2021* ILL Review: Unfortunately the ILL Review feature was accidentally hidden during our upgrade on Tuesday June 1st and Auto-Graphics is working on restoring the feature and status category within your Request Managers. Auto-Graphics has reassured us that requests with that status are still stored in SHAREit and should be available immediately again once the feature returns. 
  • *FIXED June 2nd 2021* User Account Updates: Unfortunately updating of user accounts under Staff Dashboard > User Admin > Edit User Accounts is currently unavailable due to some script issues that will hopefully be resolved after the re-boot today. 
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Live Shelf Status "Presumed Available" Errors: After some of our recent software updates, live shelf status libraries are again reporting a large increase in "Unable to determine availability at [CODE] - presuming available." errors where the live shelf check fails. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this error after April 22nd, 2021. Thank you to BSUR & BSQ who reported the return of this issue that was initially resolved with a fix last year on April 14th 2020!
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Recall Status Update Bugs: Requests in Recall status were not updating to Overdue when the Days to Return had passed. The code has been corrected so Recalled requests will transition to Overdue when the due date has passed.
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Mis-Match Bugs: Multiple reports of title/author mismatches on ERTI smart-build lender lists have been resolved. This was traced to a Search API issue in which some records had an incorrect searchid so records were being incorrectly matched (or not matched). The Search API has been modified to correct this problem. Please let us know if you encounter further issues with automatic Lender List builds from "BC Union Catalogue" union database records.
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Lender List Builds: The lender list build process has been adjusted to address inconsistencies that could result in libraries not being included even when they had available holdings. We continue to work with Auto-Graphics to resolve issues with lender list build matching from Z-targets (eg. UBC, SFU, UVic & UNBC) records also. 
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Advanced Search Bugs: In Advanced Search, the “or” was functioning as an “and” operator. This has been corrected in our latest update.
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Basic Search Issues: Long search terms (eg. a long Title) in the Basic Search box would result in the "x" (to clear the term) and the magnifying glass (to search) being partially hidden due to overlapping of the search term entered. A long search term will now scroll to the left, so the “X” and magnifying glass will remain visible. This has been corrected in our latest update.
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Auto-Deletion of Requests: Requests in some statuses (Awaiting Approval, Not Received, Not Received Overdue, Overdue, Cancel Shipped Request [730 days] and Complete [Days to Delete value]) were not being deleted after the specified time limit. This has been corrected in our latest software update.
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Print Issues: Print issues with "Your Lists" include printing of duplicate titles or blank pages. Also when the Pick List configuration was set to print “New Requests Only,” changing the sort order caused the requests to be deleted from the print view so the list could not be printed as a Pick List. These issues have been corrected in our latest software update.
  • *FIXED April 21st, 2021* Last Status Change Date: When viewing lists of requests in the Request Manager, one of the column options is “LastStatusChgDate.” The displayed date was using the last time a staff member manually applied a status change. That has been corrected so that the date of the last update, whether manually applied or system applied, will be used and displayed.
  • *Partially FIXED January 19th, 2021* Chome 87 and MS Edge Bugs: Recent versions of Google Chrome and Edge introduced a bug on some staff pages that prevented the entire page from loading. This should be temporarily corrected for Chrome in our latest update but please let us know if you continue to encounter any additional issues with supported browsers. If you are currently using MS Edge please swap to another supported browser like Chrome or Firefox until this issue is completely resolved for all browsers.
  • *FIXED October 6th, 2020* Patron Minimum Need-by Date: The "Set Minimum Need-by Date" setting within ILL Admin > Participant Record is not currently applying the minimum date restriction selection (eg. 28 days) to guest patron calendars when they submit requests.The patron pick calendar can be de-activated temporarily by selecting "No" for the "Allow patrons to change need-by date" setting until this bug is resolved. Auto-Graphics has resolved this issue.
  • *FIXED October 6th, 2020* Current Lender's Note bug on some Requests: For requests that have already been marked as at least "Shipped", staff may be unable to add new notes to the "Current Lender's Notes" field. Auto-Graphics has resolved this issue.
  • *FIXED August 4th, 2020* Lender Will Supply/In Process Requests Expiring: Previously when requests were moved to the Will Supply/In Process status by the lender library, there were times when the request would go into Expired status by the time the item reached the borrower. The request no longer appeared as an active request for the lender, creating problems for both borrower and lender workflows. Auto-Graphics has updated the software so requests in Will Supply/In Process will not expire even if the Need By Date passes prior to the lender moving the request to Shipped status. This will allow the request to move through all steps in the ILL workflow. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues with Will Supply/In Process expired requests.
  • *FIXED August 4th, 2020* "Lost" Status Requests Deleted Prior to Consortial Days to Delete: We've received reports that some requests marked with the status "Lost" are being deleted by the system at less than the current consortial Days to Delete (180 days). Some requests may be deleted at our previous consortial delete setting of 90 days instead. We recommend that libraries do not mark items as Lost in Illume, even if an item has been returned, until they've contacted the other library directly and at least 30 days or more have passed since an item has been marked "Returned". Marking requests as status "Lost" in Illume reduces the status update options available. Auto-Graphics has updated the system so requests marked as "Lost" are deleted after 730 days rather than use the consortial Days to Delete setting. Please let us know if you encounter any additional lost requests that are deleted too soon (eg. at 90 days).
  • *FIXED August 4th, 2020* Desktop Delivery "Download Attachments" Runtime Errors - We've received reports that some libraries are encountering Runtime script errors when trying to use the "Download Attachments" option to save articles attached to Non-returnable (Copy) requests using Desktop Delivery. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues with downloading attachments.
  • *FIXED June 24th, 2020* Blank "Advanced Search" or "Your Favorite Resources": A few libraries have reported that they only see a blank page, when logged in with their Staff account, while viewing the Advanced Search or your account settings "Your Favorite Resources". Auto-Graphics has applied a fix to all V5 accounts with this issue. Please let us know if your account is still encountering any problems!
  • *FIXED May 27th, 2020* Owned by My Library: Some libraries have reported that the "Show Owned By This Library Notification Message" feature may not be working for all libraries or all records or displaying in the "Where to Find it" section. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • *FIXED May 27th, 2020* Permanent Links Missing "Request this Item" Button: When using the "Permanent Link" menu option to create static records links to send to patrons - Guest Patrons & Staff could not view the "Request this Item" button.
  • *FIXED May 27th, 2020* "Your Account" Profile Updates not Saving: When updating passwords or information under "Your Account" profile, the information would not save even if your account permissions allowed editing. This isssue should now be fixed. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • *FIXED May 27th, 2020* Book Jacket Cover Art Not Displaying: Many records have blank cover art. Contact us to activate custom cover art, such as from a Syndetics account, for your Library to improve your display. Auto-Graphics is also working on a fix for this issue. Auto-Graphics has made processing and matching updates to improve the matching and retrieval of cover art within SHAREit. Please let us know if you continue to not see an improvement.
  • *FIXED April 14th, 2020*ISBN Matching: Improvements to ISBN matching so 10-character and 13-character ISBNs will now match regardless of which was used to initiate the search will be applied soon. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • *FIXED April 14th, 2020* "Last Day to Respond" Flag Bugs: Request Manager "Last Day to Respond" red flag should only display on Pending requests correctly based on the Days to Respond. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • *FIXED April 14th, 2020* Pick List Sort Print Issues: Pick Lists are not keeping the sorted order when printing. Auto-Graphics is adding a new Pick List window with a sort option to resolve this problem. Staff will be able to select a field and choose ascending or decending print order. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • *FIXED April 14th, 2020* Printer Workstation Set-up Issues: The most recent version of Chrome (v.80) may cause issues when setting up workstation printers with SHAREit V6. At this time, they recommend switching to the Firefox browser if you encounter printing issues. Please let us know if you continue to encounter this issue.
  • *FIXED May 27th, 2020* Duplicate Mobile Request Button for Patrons: On Full Record Details only, a duplicate request button saying "I Want It!" is displaying on Mobile browers for patrons. This does not impact requesting by patrons, as both request buttons work, and does not display for logged in Staff. Auto-Graphics is investigating this issue.
  • *FIXED March 9th, 2020* Guest Patron Request Limits: Guest patron request limits are not currently working in SHAREit V6. Auto-Graphics knows this is an important feature for our libraries and is working on fixing this issue. We will update this page and the listservs as soon as this bug is resolved. Please let us know if your patrons encounter any additional issues with Guest Request Limits.
  • *FIXED March 9th, 2020* ​Desktop Delivery link bug: The Non-returnable (copy) article "Electronic Attachment" link previously available to patrons when logging into "Guest ILL Tracking" is currently not available. Download links sent automatically to patrons using Patron Notices continue to work. Auto-Graphics is working on a fix for this issue and expect it to be resolved in our next software update on March 9th. More information in our Desktop Delivery guide here:
  • *FIXED January 29th, 2020* Borrowing Policy: Currently the new Borrowing Policy does not allow guest patrons to request from eBook or eSerial records even if it is marked as "Y" within their borrowing policy. Auto-Graphics is investigating.
  • *FIXED January 29th, 2020* Statistics Reports Issues: Currently some statistical reports are encountering a 404 Not Found and/or 401 or 403 errors when sites try to view them. Auto-Graphics is working on this issue and we hope to have it resolved soon. Additionally, after the latest release the Activity & Response Reports have been updated to allow for larger date ranges to be run. But this has resulted in some bugs (Patron Identifier fields incorrect) and changes (eg. Pickup Location missing) that we've requested Auto-Graphics investigate and resolve as soon as possible. Please let us know if you encounter any additional issues/bugs with Statistics reports!
  • *FIXED January 29th, 2020* Download MARC Records: The issue with the MARC "empty file" when Staff tried to download records from SHAREit V6 has been resolved. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues with downloading MARC records from Illume.
  • *FIXED January 29th, 2020* Overdue Status & Rejected Renewals: Overdue items that were rejected for renewal were going back to the borrower in Overdue status. This has been corrected and they will now go into Rejected Renewal status (as in V5).
  • *FIXED January 29th, 2020* Full Record Display Truncation: Some information in the left-sidebar of the Full Record Display was truncated making it difficult to read. This has been improved so more of the "Title" and all of the "Found In" (eg. BC Union Catalogue) information will now display.
  • *FIXED November 20th, 2019* ISO Issues with Will not Supply messages - Some ISO partner libraries (eg. SFU & RRU) have reported that the "Will not Supply" messages they're sending from their ILL software (eg. Relais or VDX) are not being received by SHAREit V6. Therefore requests they cannot supply are remaining in the Borrower's Pending until the ISO site's Days to Respond expires and the request moves on to other lenders. Please contact an ISO library if you want to clarify the status of a request languishing in your Pending.
  • *FIXED November 20th, 2019* Mobile Issues: A variety of issues are currently occuring for mobile browser users including Entering search terms on mobile does work; but selecting a Title or Author suggestion when performing a basic search on mobile does not recognize the selected search resources. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any issues on mobile.
  • *FIXED November 20th, 2019* Diacritics & Special Characters - Auto-Graphics will be implementing a variety of fixes for issues searching for and requesting from records that have diactrics (eg. accent ague) and special characters (eg. plus + signs). A bug impacting ERTI Smart-builds of lender lists from records with special characters should also be fixed in next update. Please let us know if you continue to encounter any of these issues.
  • *FIXED November 20th, 2019* "Total Results" Wording: The message displaying at the top of search results has been clarified so it no longer implies there are missing page results.
  • *FIXED November 20th, 2019* Quick Links Menu: Quick link menu items have been updated to differentiate between Borrower or Lender actions. Check-out our Quick Links guide for information on updating your menu.
  • *FIXED November 20th, 2019* Request This Item "hand icon" button - The request icon shortcut is currently not working for guest patrons on the secondary record results screen after using the Merged or Clustered view. Auto-Graphics is working on the issue. We recommend patrons use the Request this Item button on the Full Details or initial results screen. Staff can also update the patron view to "No Grouping" to show a working shortcut on the non-merged/clustered search results. The non-functional request button has been removed to avoid confusion.
  • *FIXED November 6th, 2019*"Pickup Location Options" field not displaying: After the November 5th software update, some libraries may not have the "Pickup Location Options" field activated for Patrons or Staff. Requests that were created prior to the update still maintain the pickup locations chosen previously. Auto-Graphics is working on an urgent fix for this critical issue and applied it this afternoon already. Requests created by Staff or Patrons this morning may need the Pickup Location manually updated.
  • *FIXED November 5th, 2019* Non-returnable (copy) Form Mandatory Article Date: Previously in V5, just the Year field was mandatory in the Article Date for Non-returnable (copy) forms. Currently in V6 all three (3) fields (Year, Month & Day) are mandatory. Auto-Graphics hopes to apply a working fix in the next scheduled software update on November 4th.
  • *FIXED November 5th, 2019* Participant Record: ILL Pickup Locations: ILL Pickup Locations can now be edited/updated without affecting current, open requests. For example updating a Branch Name to say "Closed" or adding or deleting a branch.
  • *FIXED November 5th, 2019* Mobile Issues: A variety of issues are currently occuring for mobile browser users including the Staff Function "Modify Existing Request" (only works when logged in as Staff) and "Download Record" option displaying.
  • *FIXED October 23rd, 2019* Request Type Error - When staff swap a request type from "Returnable (loan)" to “Non-returnable (copy)” during request creation, the request type reverts to "Returnable (loan)" within the Request Manager. The non-returnable Article field data is not lost and can be displayed again by swapping to "Non-returnable (copy)" within Awaiting Approval. Auto-Graphics is expected to have a fix for this issue in our next update.
  • *FIXED October 23rd, 2019* ISBN Searches - The ISBN search index currently has issues searching ISBN fields for both 10 & 13 character ISBNs. Auto-Graphics is expected to have a fix for this issue in our next update.
  • *FIXED October 23rd, 2019* Disclaimer Notice - Some libraries may not see their Disclaimer Notice, activated in Participant Record, displayed on forms. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues with your notices after the fix.
  • *FIXED October 23rd, 2019* Publisher Facet - Currently the publisher facet/filter (left-hand side of results) displays the Place (eg. Toronto) or Year information rather than the Publisher Name. Auto-Graphics is expected to have a fix for this issue in our next update.
  • *FIXED October 9th, 2019* Archival Mixed Materials Bug All new requests are being created with the "Archival Mixed Materials" format, even if they are books or dvds Auto-Graphics has been notified and applied a temporary fix. Please let us know if any of your requests are still being created with the wrong material type after October 9th!
  • *FIXED October 9th, 2019* Pick Calendar Issues: The Need-by pick calendar when creating a request is not currently available for logged in Staff or guest patrons (where libraries have allowed them to use it within their Participant Record). Staff can instead update the calendar/date from the request in Awaiting Approval before sending it to lenders. Auto-Graphics is working on the issue.
  • *FIXED October 9th, 2019* Mobile Browser Page View Permissions: The ILL Staff Page "Illume Support" was visible on mobile browsers to guest patrons. Information on this page is also publicly available on the internet but the link should be hidden unless logged in.
  • *FIXED July 31st, 2019* Browser Compatiblity: We've received reports that many versions of Firefox (v.44, v.52, v.61 & v.62) that should be supported according to Auto-Graphics, are currently showing errors when requests are submitted (spinning wheel and requests don't submit). Auto-Graphics has investigated the problem and they believe they'll have a fix soon, but in the meantime we recommend updating your Firefox to at least v.66 or using Chrome is possible. Please check-out the chart from A-G to see if your browser should be compatible with SHAREit V6Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • *FIXED July 31st, 2019* Blank Request Form Copies Field: The "Number of Copies Needed: (over 1 creates multiple requests)" field should not exist on a Blank Request Form. Auto-Graphics is working on correcting this issue soon!
  • *FIXED July 31st, 2019* Article Month/Day Stuck: The Article Month/Day gets stuck on "Fall" and "31" no matter what date is chosen.
  • *FIXED July 31st, 2019* Your List" icon (screenshot below): is occasionally showing on the guest patron screens. This is just a graphical user interface glitch, as saving items to a list is not activated for guest patrons at this time. Clicking the list shows the empty list pop-up. The Auto-Graphics Development Team is working on a fix for this issue.
  • *FIXED* Search Indexing - Some searches for known records/items may currently fail due a partial failure of the indexing of our union database. Auto-Graphics is working on the issue and we hope the database will be completely re-indexed again very soon!
  • *FIXED* Union Database Updates: Your recent record uploads have not yet been loaded to the union databases due to an issue with the V6 import bibtool. Auto-Graphics is workring on the issue and the backlog of uploaded records will be loaded once the script is fixed. The ShareFile is currently unavailable and we will update the listservs when it's available again.

Please let us know if you encounter the bugs above re-occurring or any additional bugs or issues with the software or have any questions!