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Public Preferred Lender Lists

For Public libraries, the Preferred Lender Lists were optimized in consultation with Public Libraries Branch <>, and may also be specific to other consortia such as InterLINK. These should not be edited as they are organized to disperse requests as evenly as possible within Public libraries first.

Public library requests are optimized geographically for physical Returnable (loan) materials (eg. Print Books) as this is the majority of their requesting. Requests created by public libraries will first try all other available public libraries from smallest-to-largest library within your geographic community.

Once all Public libraries have been checked first for your item, your request may then go to Post-secondary libraries based on the secondary System-wide Lender List which organizes libraries from smallest-to-largest by BC ELN FTE.

More information coming soon on updated Public Library Preferred Lender lists according to 2021 Census data.