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Lending Policy Set-up Guide

Auto-Graphics recently launched a newly updated Lending Policy feature available in our January 2021 software update. Similar to the Borrowing Policy, the newly updated lender policy will be configurable for all the additional material formats now supported in SHAREit V6.

When activated, the system Lending Policy automatically deflects lender requests received for formats you don't loan (eg. Blu-ray). Libraries that make use of the system automatic Lending Policy will likely need to make adjustments after the update, as new formats added (eg. eAudiobook) will default to being lendable. Wherever possible, previously existing Lending Policy values will be retained and rolled into the new Lending Policy.

Check-out our Additional Notes for further information on the changes included in the new lender policy feature. And please contact us if you'd like additional assistance or would like to submit feedback on this updated feature.

Locate the Lender Policy:

When logged in as Administrator, the Lending Policy is available under your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record. Click the "Lending" button to customise your options.

All new formats are allowable by default for 35 days but previously configured formats should remain the same (eg. Book) as before the update. For SHAREit Academic Libraries a minimum of 42 days is recommended for formats you loan. Please note that even though the field says "Loan Period" this is actually your "Days to Return" and should include travel time! More information and calculations in the guide here:

Please let us know if you encounter any issues or formats which are not configurable.

Configure the Lending Policy:

We recommend consulting your local ILL Lender Policy and ILL Staff first before configuring your system lending policy. Check-out our additional configuration tips & recommendations below and contact us for assistance setting up your Lending Policy.

  • Loan: Go through the list of material types included, and change the settings to Yes (Y), No (N) or Not Applicable (NA) for each format under the "Loan" field colum. For example, if you wish to only allow physical spoken word items and deflect music or e-recordings select the following options:
    • Choose No (N) next to Music Cassette, Music CD, Music LP, Music Recording, eMusic, and eAudiobook.
    • Select Yes (Y) next to Audibook, Audiobook Cassette, Audiobook CD, and Spoken Word LP.
  • Loan Period (days): If you enter zero (0) in the Loan Period (days) field, the system will pull in the current value in your Participant Record's "Days to Return" field instead (eg. 42) when you save. You can also add a note with your “true or real” loan period in the “Exceptions, Comments (300 characters max)” field instead.
  • Renew: If your library chooses No (N) or Not Applicable (NA) for Renewals, all renewal requests will automatically be denied. If you would like the option of accepting or rejecting renewal requests, then Renewals must be set to Yes (Y). You will still have the ability to accept or reject the renewals manually if you do NOT have Automatic Approval turned on in your ILL Permissions settings.
  • Renewal Loan Period (days): If you enter zero (0) in the Loan Period (days) field, the system will use the value in your Participant Record's "Days to Return" field instead. 

  • Public Libraries: If your library ILL policy only allows for Borrower libraries to request "Books" select "N" from the drop-down next to every format except "Book" and "Large Print".
  • Academic Libraries: If Borrowers are allowed to request Copies of journal articles or book chapters, we recommend you choose "Y" next to additional formats such as Article, Book, eBook, eJournal, eNewspaper, eSerial, Newspaper, Periodical, Serial,  and more.
  • Please Note: In the previous Lender Policy feature, the zero (0) entered for your Loan Period (days) field remained on saving so the system always knew to use your default Days to Return instead. The new Lending Policy instead pulls in your current Days to Return number (eg. 42) on saving and does not save the zero (0) entered on formats marked with a "Y". Due to this issue, if you change your default Days to Return, the Lending Policy loan & renewal period days are not automatically refreshed (eg. to 42). We have contacted Auto-Graphics to inquire if this is a bug and request that the zero (0) setting instead remains so it always knows to use the default Days to Return. 
  • Tip: Use the new "Print" button to print your current settings for reference or consultation!

Enabling your Automatic System Lending Policy:

If your library does not enbale the system lending policy, any information included in your Lending Policy will be informational only and not automatically used by the system to deflect or allow materials.​

  • Check-off the box that says “Use my library's lending policies to determine if my library should receive requests of specific item types." to automatically deflect or allow requests for particular material types from arriving in your Lender > Pending
  • Save: Don't forget to click the "Save" button to submit your changes and make your Lending Policy live!

Additional Notes:

  • There is no longer an option to switch from a “System Checked” to a “Not System Checked” Lending Policy. The “Not System Checked” formats (Books – Current Year, Entertainment DVDs, etc.) were informational only and do not correspond to standard formats. If libraries want to include information about those formats, it can be included in the “Exceptions, Comments” field in the new Lending Policy.
  • The informational columns for Fee ($), Place Hold, and Make Copies have been removed. If libraries want to include information about fees or copies, it can be included in the “Exceptions, Comments” field.
  • Brand new formats are included in the policy using the default value of Yes for both Loans and Renewals with a renewal loan period of 35 days
  • The following formats have been removed from the Lending Policy: Dissertations/Theses, Federal Docs, and Other Gov Docs.
  • The following formats have been mapped to Microform and the current microfiche lending policy will be used for the new Microform policy: Microfiche, Microfilm, and Microopaque.
  • The current Electronic Materials format has been mapped to the new eFormats. Any requests in process with the “Electronic Materials” format will assigned “eBook” and new requests placed after the software update will be assigned the specific new eFormat.
  • Some Post-secondary libraries using the "Make Copies" option to receive requests for Book Chapter non-returnable (copy) items may also need to temporarily adjust their workflow as Auto-Graphics is currently re-designing this feature. We recommend Borrower libraries submit a Blank Request form to lender libraries currently blocking physical Books via their Lending Policy. Please contact us if you'd like additional assistance or would like submit additional feedback on this updated feature.
  • Formats organised alphabetically. For information on how SHAREit determines formats based on the MARC record please consult their chart available here:

Have any questions or would like some assistance update your Lending Policy? Contact us!