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How do I tell which records are from a Union Database and which are from a Z39.50 Target/Resource?

[Union Database] The Z39.50 Search Resources/Targets available to Guests/Patrons and ILL Staff at your library will depend upon your Administrative settings under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Search Resources. Check-out our Configuring Search Targets Display Guides for more information on how to update your search targets/resources.

Watch a tutorial on how to add or edit your Search Resources/Targets for both patrons and staff. [No sound] Watch Video [7m30s ; MP4]
  • Within Illume you can usually display search results from multiple Search Resources (formerly called Targets) including the BC Union Databases (BC Union Catalogue, ELN Serials Cat and/or ELN Media Cat) as well as any available Z39.50 Resources (for example below the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University and/or University of Northern British Columbia). Check-off all the Search Resources you'd like to display in your results and then enter your search terms!

    Please Note:
    Even if you don't check-off all the Search Resources/Targets to display in your Search Results, the system should separately build the ERTI smart-build lender list based on all the Search Resources displayed to ILL Staff (even if un-checked).

  • You can also distinguish union database record results from Z39.50 records in a few other places in your search results.  For example, below where it says BC Union Catalogue (a Union Database Record) or Simon Fraser University (a Z39.50 Record) in the Locations results.  Or within the record where it says "Found in:"

    If you want to only view the records from the Union Databases you can check-off just the BC Union Database(s) such as OutLook Online (now called BC Union Catalogue).

  • Lastly, if you'd like to know whether or not your request was created from a Z39.50 record you can check-out the History Information located at the bottom of your request. For example in the request below, the first history entry has "Notes: Created from Z39.50 record by staff".

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns about creating your requests from Union Database records or Z39.50 records.