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My requests are stuck in Awaiting Lenders how do I approve them?

[Bug Issues] The ERTI Smart-build script that searches all activated targets (union databases and Z39.50 targets) and builds the lender list, occasionally fails and requests remain stuck in "Awaiting Lenders" rather than automatically moving to "Awaiting Approval". 

If your requests are stuck in Awaiting Lenders for longer than 10 minutes or so, please contact us so we can request that Auto-Graphics investigate and re-start the scripts if necessary.

If this "background processing" fails, you can also manually update any Awaiting Lenders request by selecting one of the following options from the Status drop-down menu:

  • Add Lenderlist Mediated (recommended) - Selecting this option sets borrower’s status for this request to Awaiting Approval. You can update your Lender List build and other request details such as "Borrower's Notes" before changing the status or after the request has moved to "Awaiting Approval".

  • Add Lenderlist – You may need to update your Lender List build and other request details before using this status as it will send the request directly to Pending and lenders.
  • Tip: Additionally you can also use Rebuild Lenders or ILL Review if needed to try to rebuild the ERTI smart-build lender list automatically (if it failed). Or you can also use the Multi-Copy feature to grab a completed ERTI optimised lender list to paste manually into your "Lender List" field. Please let us know if you'd like any assistance or training using either of those options!