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Why does my request have a missing blank Title or strange Title error? 

[Bug Issues] Requests may be created with an underscore "blank title" or other title bugs, eg. {BK} or {B}, when a catalogue record has been uploaded that contains multiple 245 MARC Title tags. The system expects that the 245 tag will be unique and unfortunately creates these errors.

Note: Auto-Graphics is now identifying all the erroneous records uploaded with multiple 245 Titles as part of a Union Database cleanup project! If your library uploads records with issues, you may receive an email from Auto-Graphics highlighting the records that need corrected. Records can be provided in text or MARC format.

For example the first Illume request below shows a _ "blank title" bug because the record for "Cowboy Christmas" has 3 separate Title 245 tags. While the second request has {B} in one of the 245 tags so the request is erroneously created with [{B}] as the title. Note: Record screenshots in next section.

What should I do if I find a request in my Awaiting Approval or Pending that has a blank title or odd title error?

  1. If possible, first check to see if the the MARC Display for that item shows multiple 245 MARC tags such as the examples below. You can bring up the record used to create the request by clicking the hyperlinked Verification field.

  2. Edit/update your request so that it contains the correct Title information (found in the first 245 $a and $b tags/fields) before your submit your request to a lender library.

    Don't know what the Title is? Click the hyperlinked record found in the Verification field of your request to pop-up the exact record used to create the request.

  3. Contact us to let us know which Title or record contains multiple 245 MARC tags so we can investigate and make sure it's corrected in the upcoming Union Database cleanup project.

We've requested that Auto-Graphics investigate if they can reject any records with multiple 245 tags during import or have the system use the first 245 tag instead. But currently you may encounter these errors or find a patron-created request in your Awaiting Approval or from another library in your Pending that contains a blank or erroneous title.

Have any additional questions/concerns? Please contact us for assistance.