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Can we update our Brief Record or Full Record display fields?

[Software Customisation] Both the Brief Record and Full Record displays can be customised with your desired MARC fields and subfields.

Auto-Graphics recently improved the Brief Record display options in our January 2021 software update including the addition of Availability information on Brief Record display and List view. This new UX Admin feature is currently undergoing testing for bugs/issues and we will update this FAQ and announce when it's available. For further information and updates check-out our FAQ below.

Configure Brief Record Display

Login as an Administrator to view your "Brief Record Display Profile" section under Staff Dashboard > UX Admin > Settings > Search and Results > Brief Record Display Profile.

  1. After clicking on the 2nd "Brief Record Display Profile", you'll see the current profile and editing options, such as the subfields displayed beside your 245 field.
  2. Click the "Add new field" to choose a new MARC field or sub-field to display in your brief record results. We recommend you keep your brief record displays as simple as possible to avoid clutter. For example the 245, 100 and 130 including all available/desired sub-fields (eg. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuxyz). As well as the 260 and 264 with sub-fields b & c.
  3. Click on a Field name, for example the 245, to edit the label (eg. Title) or sub-fields.
  4. To remove a field click the "trashcan" icon to delete.
  5. To re-order your fields click the "crossed arrows" icon to drag a field to a new display location.

  6. Don't forget to click Save to after making any changes to individual MARC fields!

Tip: Changes made to the Brief record display will no longer require a re-index. With this release, any changes (re-ordering fields, changing subfields, adding new fields, and deleting fields) will be immediately visible in the display. 

Tip: When the 856 MARC tag is used in the Brief Record display, the text in subfield "y" (Link text) in the MARC record, will be displayed rather than the subfield "u" (Uniform Resource Identifier). Records that do not have a $y subfield will display the URL found in the $u subfield of the MARC record instead.

Have any questions or would like some assistance update your record displays? Contact us!

Configure Full Record Display

Login as an Administrator to view your "Full Record Display Profiles" under Staff Dashboard > Pac Admin > Full Record Display Profiles.

Can't see the Pac Admin section or would like some help updating your full record display? Contact us for assistance.

  1. Select the Material Format/Type (eg. Books) you'd like to update (unfortunately there isn't the option to en masse update all material types) and click Submit to display the tags (example below).
  2. Find the MARC tag you'd like to update (eg. 260 - Publisher) and click the "Change" button.

  3. Select "Only Listed Subfields" and under "Listed Subfields" add your desired new subfield (for example "c") so it displays "bc" and click "Submit" to save your changes (example below). Alternatively, you can instead display "All Subfields" to show everything or "All Except Listed Subfields" if you'd prefer to exclude instead.

  4. Update all your desired formats and MARC tags and search for an item to double-check that they're displaying correctly in your full record displays!


Have any questions or would like some assistance update your record displays? Contact us!