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How do I update or change my password?

[Login or Access] Illume libraries are recommended to follow the staff account and password Best Practices below to help keep your Illume patron data as secure as possible.

Account Best Practices

  • Password Strength: Passwords should be at least 10-14 characters long (maximum 20 characters) and contain any combination of alphabetic (upper- or lower-case), numeric, and special characters (eg. & * $ # @ , ). 
  • Account Security: If staff logins are shared, update your passwords whenever a staff member leaves your team. Alternatively you can also increase security by creating personalised logins for each staff member (recommended) instead of sharing generic staff accounts.
  • Password Updates: Update your passwords frequently to increase the security of staff logins. We also recommend updating shared account passwords at a minimum annually but preferred every 3-6 months for shared accounts. Store your account information securely locally, such as with a secure password manager that includes multi-factor authentication (MFA). Please contact your local IT department for assistance on how you can store your local accounts securely.

Keeping your accounts secure increases the confidentiality and privacy of your patron information! 

If you've forgotten your password and can't login, please check with your Local Illume Administrator or contact us for assistance including your login Username (eg. ILLStaff). We're unable to view your current password as it's hidden, but we can reset and provide you with a temporary new one. Please note that account resets will only be provided to verifiable Illume library staff and we recommend you update all temporary passwords as soon as possible.

How do I update my password?

Login with your current Username/Password and click Your Account display name in the top-right corner of Illume to display your account settings and preferences. Update your password and reminder question under Your Settings > Your Profile. Don't forget to click Save to submit your password changes!

  • Previously passwords could only contain alphanumeric characters. As of March 15th 2017 you can create more secure passwords with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters including: @ $ * ^ [ ] | & , ‘ “ # ! ( ) { } / \

  • If you share your account with other staff at your library don't forget to coordinate the new password with all users. Administrators can also reset forgotten passwords under Staff Dashboard > User Admin > "Edit User Accounts".

How do local Illume administrators Add or Edit staff accounts?

When logged in as a local Illume Administrator select the option under your Staff Dashboard > User Admin > to "Add a User" or "Edit User Accounts". Please contact us if this feature is missing.

  1. Editing Passwords: Under "Edit User Accounts" click on the desired account name to pop-up a new window. Update the fields *Password and *Confirm Password or PIN and click Submit to save your changes.
  2. Create New Accounts: We recommend using "Edit User Accounts" (click Submit without selecting any options to see all your current accounts) to first check-out the permissions and settings of a similar Username, so you know what settings/permissions you may wish to assign.
    • Click on a desired linked account in the first "User Name" column to pop-up a new "Edit User Accounts" window. Click the "ILL Permissions" or "Statistics Permissions" links to pop-up additional information. Don't forget to click "Submit" if you make any changes!

    • To add new users go to Staff Dashboard > User Admin > and click "Add a User".

      Please Note:
      If you use the "Clone Staff Permissions" option, double-check all permissions on the new account are as expected, as it doesn't always clone all ILL or Statistics permissions correctly.
      Important Note: Adding "Library SuperUser" to an account will set Administrator level privileges including the ability to change the interface and edit/delete user accounts. Please add this permission only when creating new local administrators!

    • You will be presented with additional pages to complete ILL Permissions and Statistics Permissions (if selected). Click Submit on each page after checking-off your permissions and hit "OK" on the last screen confirming the creation of the new account. If you need to update or add additional permissions later, just return to your Staff Dashboard > User Admin > "Edit User Accounts" section to select the desired account and make additional changes to the ILL and Statistics Permissions.

Please contact us if you'd like any assistance or would like a copy of your ny additional questions or concerns or would like some assistance adding or editing accounts? Please contact us.