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Why is the system unable to create my request when I use the Blank Request Form or Union Database record?

[Bug Issues] The system often has trouble processing Request forms that include any non-english unicode characters (eg.hachek characters ) or HTML/Javascript tags (eg. apostrophes ' or chevron brackets < >) in the text of your request.

If you copy & pasted the bibliographic information from an email or website there may even be some "hidden characters" such as hidden paragraph returns that can cause this bug when you try to paste in your request details. Essentially the back-end scripts that create your request break when they encounter information they're unable to process!

Try removing all non-english or non-standard characters OR if everything is already in english instead directly type your details rather than copy & paste to submit your request.

August 4th 2020: Auto-Graphics has significantly improved how accents, symbols, and other diacritic characters are handled in SHAREit.They will also be addressing additional language, character set, and diacritics issues in future releases. Please let us know of any bugs you continue to encounter when submitting blank request forms.

Sometimes you may try to submit a request and the confirmation screen shows that the request has been submitted but the system doesn't give you a Request Number or submission date. If you see the message "Your request has been submitted - 1/1/001" that means the system wasn't able to process your request details and couldn't create the request!

So what should you do if you encounter this error?

  1. If you're trying to submit a request from an Illume Union Database record or Z39.50 record but the request works when you create a Blank Request - please contact us and let us know the exact record (via screenshot or link) that's having problems.
  2. If the Blank Request doesn't work either then you know the issue is within your request details/info (eg. Article Title or Author Name) and not a particular record.
    • Article Title Example: If you tried to submit a request for the Article Title ' … They should understand why … ' The knowledge, attitudes and impact of the HIV criminalisation law on a sample of HIV+ women living in Ontario. (example in the screenshot above) the request would fail since the apostrophes ' in the Title can sometimes interfere with the javascript of the request form.

      Instead strip-out any non-text strange characters including all apostrophes, brackets etc from the request details and try again! The Title "They should understand why The knowledge, attitudes and impact of the HIV criminalisation law on a sample of HIV+ women living in Ontario" worked instead in this case.

    • Article Author Example: if you submitted a Blank Request form for the Book "Stress ribbon and cable-supported pedestrian bridges" by the Author "Jiřʹi Strʹaskʹy", the hachek character contained in the Author's First name would cause the form submission to fail and the request would not show up in your Awaiting Approval.

      Instead enter the Author as Str'ask'y, Jiri with the non-english characters and/or apostrophes stripped out!
  3. If a strange non-english character such as a diacritic makes it through into a request it can also cause an error when the Activity and Request Reports Excel Spreadsheet statistics reports are run under Staff Dashboard > Statistics > Activity and Request Reports > Request Records (Excel only) or Lender Response (Excel only) reports. If you encounter the error "Microsoft OLEDB Persistence Provider error 'c00ce508' " please let us know as Auto-Graphics needs to fix the request causing the error in the database. Usually this impacts only the Origination Date that the request was created so you should be able to run statistics around that date until the error is resolved.

We've requested that Auto-Graphics update the software to allow additional languages and non-standard or non-english characters. We hope they will make updates in future versions of the software.

If the lending library has live shelf status activated you may need to check for a Mis-Match error and copy and paste the field text exactly as it's shown in the error before you Retry the request. Still encountering problems? Please contact us for assistance!