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Why do I get an error message about the Lender string being improperly formatted?

[Holidays or Closures] This error occurs when a library sets their Days to Respond (DTR) to zero [0] during holidays or closures. Every library in the lender list must have the minimum of:

  1. a valid code (eg. BVI) and,
  2. a Days to Respond number greater than zero [0] (eg. 4).

Error Message: There is an error in one or more of the lenders added to the lender list. Each lender must have a library code and days to respond at minimum. Acceptable formats are: LIBCODE, DAYS or LIBCODE, DAYS, CALL NUMBER or LIBCODE, DAYS, CALL NUMBER, CONTROL NUMBER.

How do I fix this error message?

If you are a Borrower library, you can scan the lender list for a site/code showing a DTR of zero [0] and manually delete it from your lender list before approving the request. Please contact us with the name of the Lender library so we can follow-up with instructions on the correct way to set holiday closures in the Holiday/Temporary Closures guides.