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How can I force my request to go to a particular library if live shelf status isn't working correctly?

[Live Shelf Status] Sometimes the Live Shelf Status availability check fails due to cataloguing issues/mis-matches or system bugs. Please first double-check that the item isn't currently unavailable due to being checked-out, on hold, in process etc. Or is in a location (eg. Reference) or format (eg. eBook) not available for ILL. 

If your item is currently available at the Lender library but your request is still being rejected due a cataloguing issue/mis-match or system bug please:

  1. Contact us for assistance about the item so we can investigate and open a Helpdesk ticket with Auto-Graphics if necessary.
  2. Use the Blank Request Form to submit your request. All Live Shelf Status sites (except BNVI) have currently disabled live shelf checks against requests submitted using the blank request form.
  3. If the request is failing due to system errors we may be able to override or force the request to go to the Lender library even if the system thinks the item is unavailable. Please contact us with the Request # details including the desired Lender library.


Have additional questions/concerns? Please contact us.