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Why did our library receive a physical item or duplicate item when my request in Illume isn’t Shipped from that lender?

[ISO Partners] Sometimes you may receive a physical item shipped to your library or duplicate items when a lender library forgets to update a request to Will Supply/In Process and/or Shipped before the request expires or moves on to another Lender.

This can also occur with ISO Relais & VDX libraries as they're unable to send a Relais message to update the request in Illume with the Will Supply/In Process status and "hold" it in their Pending. Please let us know if you encounter this repeatedly with ISO-Relais libraries as may be a bug.

Please Note: Requests only remain in Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Request Manager> Manage Lender Requests > Pending for as long as the Days to Respond (DTR) set for that library in their Participant Record or the DTR you enter manually into your lender list string. Most libraries set-up a DTR of 4 while Relais/VDX libraries usually set-up 7-10 DTR to allow themselves time to mark an item as Shipped before it expires out of their Pending.

How can I tell if this happened?

Check-out the History Information within your request. First your borrower request arrives in Manage Lender Requests > Pending of the lending library.

  1. The request will remain in their Pending only temporarily (for as long as their DTR are active) until they retain "ownership" of the request through holding it with a Will Supply/In Process message (holds for 2 years) or claiming it permanently with a Shipped message.
  2. Many Illume libraries will hold a Pending request with a Will Supply/In Process message until they're able to determine if they can supply the item. They will then update with a Will not Supply or Shipped as appropriate. Occasionally a library accidentally rejects a request with Will not Supply that they have shipped which also may result in a duplicate item arriving.
  3. ISO-Relais libraries are unable to send a Will Supply/In Process message and the first message received by Illume is the Shipped message or a Will not Supply if they reject the request.
  4. If the ISO-Relais Shipped message fails due to a communication issue or the Shipped message is not sent before the DTR (usually 7) expires during midnight processing then the request will expire into your Retry/Unfilled or move on to another lender to fill.

So what can I do if this happens?

  1. If you physically receive an item for a request that's currently sitting in your Retry/Unfilled or with another library Pending, you can contact the shipped library directly and try re-submitting the request to just that Lender library. You may need to contact the current Pending library to ask them to reject the request. Once the request has been marked shipped by the correct library, you can update to Received and proceed normally. We recommend contacting the ISO-Relais lender library first to let them know you're doing this as it may create a duplicate request within Relais that they unknowingly reject. Often you may need to just note the request as an exception statistic instead.
  2. If you physically receive a duplicate item then we recommend you check within the request History Information to see which lender library Illume currently believes you should have received it from.
  3. We recommend you keep and continue to use the item from the library assigned to your request within Illume and immediately return the duplicate un-assigned item to the lender library. This allows you to continue to process the request normally. But this is a local library decision on whether or not they'd prefer to keep both items or which duplicate item they'd like to return. Please contact us if you'd like additional advice

Have any additional questions/concerns or would like further advice/suggestions? Please contact us.