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Can we set a default number of copies need for Blank or Multi Copy forms?

[Staff Settings & Customisations] The mandatory "Number of Copies Needed" field is now available in both the Blank Request Form and Multi Copy forms to allow Staff to create multiple copy requests, such as for Book Clubs.

Login as an Administrator and navigate to your Staff Dashboard > ILL Admin > Participant Record. We recommend that you set the default to:

  • Multi Copy Form: We recommend you leave "Number of copies default - Multi Copy Form" as blank (so it defaults to 0) if your Staff frequently use the Multi Copy form to make Book Club requests. This will allow the Multi Copy form to continue working as expected and prompt staff to enter their desired number of copies before submission.

    Or if your Staff has "Automatic Approval" activated and prefers to use the Multi Copy form to create single requests and edit the ERTI Smart-Build Lender List in one step - please enter "1" as your default.

  • Blank Request Form: Enter the number "1" next to "Number of copies default - Blank Request Form" if you allow Patrons to use the Blank Request Form or your Staff frequently uses the blank request form to create single requests.

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with these new settings or if you'd like any assistance updating your Participant Record!