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Why is there a Check Shelf Status link only beside some libraries?

[Live Shelf Status] We're currently in the process of setting up Live Shelf Status, via Z39.50 targets, for many libraries to assist with reducing workload for staff and improve the speed patrons receive materials.

With Live Shelf Status activated, the Illume system live checks the Lender library's Z39.50 server for the status of the item and confirms that the Lender library owns that exact item. When Live Shelf Status is activated for a particular library, you will have the option to click on a "Check Shelf Status" link to see the current live status of that item at that library. The Illume system will also live check the Lender's Z39.50 server when it actually sends them the request too.

  • As each library activates live shelf status their "Check Shelf Status" link will become available for everyone to use!
  • When submitting requests, the system will automatically skip the lenders that don't currently have the item available to lend using the "Item not available - lender XXXX skipped, retry later" message.

In the example below, for the title "Heart Berries", Live Shelf Status has been activated by the Illume Administrative Support Centre for multiple libraries including Port Moody Public Library (BPMP) and Surrey Libraries (BSUR).

As of December 1st 2022, when you click the "Check Shelf Status" link beside one of those libraries you should see the live up-to-date status immediately for that item (eg. the BPMP & BSUR info below shows as Available and Lost) when clicked.

Check Shelf Status Link New

Please Note: We're currently seeing a large number of "Shelf Status is not available" pop-up errors for some libraries. This may be due to cataloguing inconsistencies, z-target configuration issues or Auto-Graphics bugs.

While some of these errors are related to a library's catalogue not returning live availability information. Auto-Graphics is investigating the ones that appear to be software errors and we hope they'll have a fix soon! Please feel free to contact us to report any errors/issues with this newly updated feature so we can troubleshoot!

Shelf Status Not Available

Can I set-up Live Shelf Status via Z39.50 for my library?

Absolutely! We'd like to activate this for as many libraries as possible. Please contact us to update and verify your Z39.50 Mapped Locations (eg. Main Branch Library), Statuses (eg. Checked In) and Attributes (eg. Holdings via the 852a tag) for your z-target first before we active your live shelf status. If these are incorrect the system has trouble confirming that your library currently owns the item and that it's available to loan.

There would also be a test period to ensure that the location and holdings information for most items are being sent to the Illume system correctly. If the system is unable to retrieve current Location or Holdings information via your z-target for many items then borrowers would encounter a lot of erroneously rejected requests. If you find that many of your requests are rejected when the items are actually Available, please contact us to report the issue for another library or update your MARC tag and subfields (eg. 852a or 949b) for your Z39.50 server Location/Holdings information.