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I can see location and status information for my library. Have you activated Live Shelf Status for us?

[Live Shelf Status] The Illume Admin Centre has been setting up Z39.50 searching and Live Shelf Status checks for as many libraries as possible over the past year.

With Live Shelf Status activated, the Illume system live checks the Lender library's Z39.50 server for the status of the item and confirms that the Lender library owns that exact item.  For some libraries, when searching Illume, you may see Location and Status information available on some of your records (example below) that are found via your Z39.50 Search Target.

You can always check at the top of any record in the "Found in:" section to discover if the record/item was found via one of the union databases (BC Union Catalogue, ELN Media Cat or ELN Serials Cat) or through a Z39.50 server record look-up (eg. College of New Caledonia).

This indicates that your Location and Status information is being successfully retrieved from your Z39.50 server.  But it doesn't necessarily mean that Live Shelf Status has been activated for your library yet!

The Illume Administrative Support Centre will work together with you to activate Live Shelf Status.  To double-check if it has been activated for your library you can check your records found in the BC Union Catalogue (formerly OutLook Online) union database instead (example below).  If you have a hyperlinked "Check Shelf Status" link available next to your Library name - then you have Live Shelf Status activated!  For example only Coquitlam Public Library (BCOQ) and Richmond Public Library (BRIZ) have Live Shelf Status activated below. Click on a "Check Shelf Status" link to see the availability of that item.

Most libraries will only search the union databases for records and a few select z-targets, such as Simon Fraser University, and will never see your z-target records when searching Illume. Instead the Z39.50 catalogue records will mostly be used during requesting to check availability.  We do recommend that you activate/configure your own z-target as a Search Resource to make up-to-date records available to your own patrons.  If you've already configured your Z39.50 target with us, you may see Location and Status information available on some of your records even though you don't have Live Shelf Status activated yet.

Would you like to activate Live Shelf Status as soon as possible?  Please contact us for assistance!

List of all libraries with Live Shelf Status Active: